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August 25, 2021
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October 26, 2021

It’s such interesting times that we’re living in. When you look at the outside world, it seems as if everything is going mad and crazy. And maybe it is because the world that we know is breaking down. The old ways are no longer working and in order to birth in the new, we need to go through some birthing pains.

I mentioned in a recent channelled guidance video that the new earth is here, the new earth being one where we are aligned with love and consequently our true nature and loving selves. In order to align with this, we need to let go of our old beliefs and conditionings which are based on fear.

All those old thoughts that tell us that we’re not enough, we’re not worthy, that there’s not enough for everyone, that we need to compete etc, needs to go. It’s not always easy to do as the old ways are comfortable even though they are no longer good for us. It can be compared to an abusive relationship; the person being abused knows that it feels uncomfortable and doesn’t feel good but, in their minds, at least it’s something that they know and recognise. This desire for something familiar is usually what keeps them there even though it’s actually not healthy or loving.

This is what we often do to ourselves. We know that these old beliefs and conditionings are not healthy for us, but sometimes we stick with them because it’s something we know and it acts like a safety blanket.

However, a lot of people are waking up now and realising that what they’ve been told may not actually be the truth. It can be destabilising to realise that our world may not be what it seems. It can also feel lonely and scary to recognise that this is a journey that we each need to walk (often parts of it on our own) and to dare to take those steps out of our comfort zone.

The only way out is through, meaning we all need to individually do the work to rediscover our true unique selves and to take back our responsibility and consequently our power. If we continue to blame others outside of ourselves for what is happening in our lives, we will continue to be a slave to this external reality.

This means looking after yourself in the way that you want to be looked after by someone else. Taking the time to really be there for yourself and to honour what is going on for you. As adults, we need to be our own parents, our own best friend, our loving support and partner. This doesn’t mean we can’t get support from others outside of ourselves but rather ultimately what we’re searching for is already within us.

And the truth of the matter is, that nothing is ever really that satisfying if we don’t give it to ourselves first. If we seek approval, trying to get it from others is like trying to fill a never-ending hole; there’s never enough and it will never feel as good as when we start to approve of ourselves and realise our own wonderfulness.

If we seek love externally, until we love ourselves, we won’t even recognise when someone is loving us. It will become a need that is never fulfilled because in fact it can’t be filled by anyone else. But once you start on that journey to seeing the love and beauty that you are, then you’ll see it reflected in your outside world. You’ll see more love around you then you’ve ever seen before.

So, it starts with you. When something triggers you and you feel uncomfortable emotions, stop and acknowledge them. See this as an opportunity to truly heal something that has probably been within you for a long time. If it wasn’t within you, then you wouldn’t be upset by what someone else is doing or saying. Don’t go into blame and old stories, but take the time to really see and feel what is happening. Trace it back to its origins if you feel the need and if it helps you to heal.

When you start to do this type of work for yourself, you not only heal and grow, but you also free yourself, from your past and old stories. All those distractions or addictions you use to avoid life will lose their colour as you will no longer need them. In addition, doing your work will create a ripple effect and give others the opportunity to free themselves as well.

From this place of healing, you can birth in the new. You can start to create from a place that is truly in integrity and alignment with who you really are. As you recognise the love that you are, you create a new world and reality that is based on these loving and solid foundations. The life that you seek is no longer just an idea or dream; it’s here and within your reach.


To help you along on your journey, here are some things to remember:


  • Don’t shy away from uncomfortable emotions. Our emotions are here just to be seen and heard. As soon as we allow this, then we’ll be able to see what message or learning that they bring. So, observe and acknowledge what is happening for you and let the emotions flow through you without needing to analyse them or find a solution;
  • Be there for yourself as you would like someone to be there for you. We’ve been told for a long time now to search outside of ourselves for what we want and need. The truth however is that you already have all of what you need within you. So, learn to become your best friend and to give yourself permission to nurture yourself and to really practice self-care;
  • See the outside world as a reflection of what is happening within you. For example, if you find yourself telling someone to be kinder to themselves, take that as a message for yourself as well. If you see anger around you, consider if there’s possibility some internal anger within you that hasn’t been recognised and acknowledged. If you are feeling triggered, ask yourself what is the source of it is;
  • Be patient and kind to yourself. We’re all on a learning journey and here for different reasons so it’s important not to judge or compare ourselves to others. We never know what is happening in someone else’s life no matter what it may look like from the outside. We only know what’s happening for ourselves and it’s our job to focus on our own path.


I hope you find this information helpful. Know that you are not alone and there is always support around you, you simply just need to ask.

Please reach out to me if there is anyway that I can be of assistance or service: or +44 7770 754 800 / +61 423 032 972


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