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Letting go
October 18, 2017

So this post has been a long time in the making. At least 5 years I think! Lots of people create and write blogs with what looks like a lot of ease (very presumptuous I know) but it has felt like a bit of an overwhelming task to me. However I was in the fortunate position of speaking with a very good friend of mine today and she told me to simply just do it. Not to make a big deal out of it and just write something, anything. She was very supportive (though I may not have made her sound like it!) and hence here I am in my local library writing my first post.

I think the thing I feared most was judgement but actually I can be the hardest on myself than anyone I know. I think that would be the case with a lot of people – we fear judgement but actually we can dish out more of this to ourselves than anyone would dare give to us. At the core of my blog is the topic of self love and remembrance. I have been on the self development journey for many years and it is truly the area that I am most passionate about. However along the way of this journey I’ve realized that I’m not really trying to development myself but rather remember who I truly am and live and love from that place. I have taken a sabbatical (which I hope I can make permanent) from working in a corporate job and office. This has been the way of my life for a long time but I feel that it may be time to end this relationship. We’ll see.

As the title of the post implies, this is a new beginning for me. I am both excited, grateful, happy, anxious, nervous and many more words on the emotional spectrum. As well as taking out time for myself, I’m also in the process of setting up my own coaching and healing practice which is so exciting. Firstly I love coaching & healing and how rewarding it is to help another person through these modalities. And secondly I think I’ve always been built to work for myself because I love the freedom and flexibility to do things my way. Or maybe phrased differently I dislike being told what to do! So I hope that I will be able to share my journey with you as well as my learnings. And I hope that it will be an interesting read but also in some way have a positive impact on you. See you on my next post.

Julie Lee
As a holistic coach, I facilitate the process of helping people remember who they are and the gifts that they bring to the world. My goal is to bring an awareness and understanding of your core issues so that you can come back into alignment with your true and amazing self, and live a life that truly resonates with you and brings you joy and fulfillment.

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