My Services

If you're feeling:

  • anxious or dissatisfied with a situation in your life (for example, your career or dealing with a difficult partner, family member, friend) or;
  • unsure of how to resolve the situation and move towards what you really want in life,

Let me help you to:

  • understand the underlying cause of the issue;
  • create steps to resolve the situation;
  • increase your self-love and acceptance;
  • recognise and strengthen your feelings of self-worth and value;
  • learn to trust your inner voice and intuition;
  • identify your life purpose and feel fulfilled and joyful.

I offer the following services to help you on your journey:

Intuitive Guidance

In these sessions, we will discuss the issue that is coming up for you and I will help you to identify what is the core of the problem and how you can overcome it. For example, it could be an old belief system that no longer serves you and needs healing and more here

Intuitive Healing

These sessions help to remove and release blockages that can't be seen with the eye though can certainly be felt in the body. If you're experiencing an imbalance of emotions or feeling stressed and anxious, then these sessions can help you to re-centre and more here

Channelled Guidance Readings

This 25-minute guidance session is designed to provide you with the messages that your spiritual team want you to know. I act as a channel to pass on guidance to help you to navigate your more here

If any of these services resonate with you and you feel ready to see changes and progress in your life, then contact me to see if working together could benefit you.

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