My Approach

During the session, we will discuss the challenge that you’re facing and I’ll be tuning in to see what the underlying core issue is. What we believe to be an issue generally turns out to relate to an old belief system or trauma that no longer serves us. By dealing with the source issue, you’ll be able to resolve your challenges on a more permanent basis. The reality is that this belief will be impacting all areas of your life so when you deal with this, you will notice a positive improvement in your life overall.

I like to use tarot cards and other tools (though you can let me know if this isn’t something that you want to do) to help confirm and bring to light any other topics that may need to be discussed. Once this is clear, we will work together on finding a way forward that is simple for you. Everyone is different so my goal is to help you find a solution that fits in with your lifestyle and you as a person.

Please note that I do not use these sessions to provide predictions. I believe that we all have the power to create the life that we want and that there is no destiny set in stone. By making decisions that are kind and loving to yourself, you will find yourself experiencing life in a joyful and uplifting way; perhaps a life that you have only dreamed of.

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