In a intuitive guidance tarot session I use tarot cards to help guide the reading. I read the cards intuitively so even though the same cards may appear in different readings, each session will be unique. We will start by discussing the topic that you have and then we will work with the cards to help identify the underlying root issue. Often, we believe that we know what our problems are but the tarot brings a different dimension and depth to the issue.

We will then work on creating some key steps or actions that feel good for you, to help shift yourself forward. I enjoy working with the tarot as it’s a very effective way of finding a solution to the problems that my clients experience.

  • These sessions are available in individual 60-minute sessions or in a package of 6 x 60-minute sessions. This can be useful as an individual session if you have a relatively simple issue that you would like some guidance on. However, with more in-depth issues, then I would recommend a series of sessions to enable you to make and see progress on the issue.
  • The sessions can be carried out via skype or face to face sessions (depending on your location).
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