Using different healing modalities such as reiki, crystals and other methods, this intuitive healing session will work on an energetic level to clear blockages. Science has confirmed that we are energy though this type of thinking has existed for thousands of years in therapies such as traditional Chinese medicine (including acupuncture) and Ayurveda to name a few. Energy healing allows the resolution of issues at a deeper unconscious level.

For example, we can be impacted by an event and once it has passed, believe that it is resolved but in actual fact that energy can stay trapped in the body. Energy healing enables those trapped emotions or energies to be healed and released without having to talk through them though some may find this helpful.

It is a non-invasive modality and you simply need to be in a quiet space in which you won’t be interrupted where you can lie down and allow yourself to relax. Please note that I only do intuitive healing from a distance at present. This means that everything will work just as a face to face session except I will be connecting to you energetically from a distance. This works just as effectively as a face to face session.

  • These sessions are available in individual 60-minute sessions or in a package of 6 x 60-minute sessions. These sessions are useful as individual sessions if you feel you need a bit of a boost however a series of sessions are useful to bring yourself into balance if you have been suffering from a deeper issue or stressful period.
  • The sessions are carried out via distance healing.
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