An intuitive guidance session combines guidance, coaching and the mystical. We will discuss what issue is coming up for you such as love, career, soul purpose etc. During this time, I will be tuning into what is really at the root of the problem and, depending on your preference, use different tools to bring more clarity such as the tarot, astrology, numerology etc.

My goal is to provide you with a clear picture of your situation and then to help guide you to find the answers and solutions that work for you. This could include inner child healing or meditations for example. In addition, you will be provided with tools to help you to integrate the changes necessary to move forward on your path.

Please note that I do not provide predictions as I believe that we create our own lives and that there is no future set in stone. The world is world of opportunities and what we get out of life depends on the choices that we make.

These sessions are available in:
  • individual 60-minute sessions;
  • a package of 3 x 60-minute sessions. I find more and more that small consistent steps really help to create the shifts that we want to see. These sessions are to be used within 3 months so that you can really implement and cement the learning as well as apply the tools that these sessions will provide you with;
  • a package of 6 x 60-minute sessions. I recommend this package if you feel that you want support on your path over a longer period of time. It's especially helpful if you have long term patterns, beliefs that you want to shift. Consistently having sessions will help to clear these and embed a new way of being in life. These sessions are to be used within a year.
  • The sessions can be carried out via skype or face to face sessions (depending on your location).
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