Frequently Asked Questions

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is a broad term that covers various techniques which focuses on channelling healing energy into a client’s body. It works on a level that can’t be seen by the physical eye but can often be felt by the client. I have learnt various techniques over the years including reiki, crystal healing and thought field therapy (TFT). When I first started looking into energy healing, I was hesitant about how it could work. However, after experiencing reiki for the first time (being the first energy healing I experimented with) I realised that although it worked on a subtle and unseen level it brought huge benefits to my life such as feeling peaceful, balanced and at ease. Since then I have worked with people who have had a positive shift in their lives after receiving energy healing including a smoother recovery from grieving and other types of traumatic events.

What is distance healing?

Distance healing is essentially energy healing given to a client who is not physically in the same location as the therapist. I was dubious about this treatment before my first experience of it but was quickly converted to the benefits of this practice. When I had my first distance healing session, I felt all the sensations that I did during my face to face session such as tingling in my head and body as well as deep relaxation in my mind and body and at times feeling like I had drifted off into another place. You may be thinking that this would happen anyway if you were lying down but I can only say that the feelings and sensations are very different when you are receiving a healing treatment.

In my own experience of giving distance healing, I had one client who had just come out of surgery. Up until the day that I had given her the treatment, she had been experiencing pain and discomfort especially in her stomach area. She said that during the healing session, she felt the sense of deep relaxation come over her and then found the pain and discomfort disappearing. It was wonderful to have this affirmation of the effectiveness of this treatment.

What are energy blockages?

When we experience some form of trauma at an emotional or physical level and are unable to process it, the experience and surrounding emotions stay locked in the body. The symptoms are quite wide ranging and can include restlessness, stress and anxiety, feeling low, stuck or unmotivated to name a few as well as physical symptoms such as tight muscles, pain in the body etc. There are different ways to clear these including energy healing, acupuncture and meditation. I have used all of these treatments at one time or another depending on the situation and it has made a huge difference to my life. Once these blocks are cleared (i.e. you start to feel better physically and emotionally), it’s helpful to maintain a practice to keep yourself in this balanced space by making time to be in nature, go for leisurely walks, practice a form of meditation and doing activities that bring you joy.

What are oracle cards?

Traditionally oracle cards have been used as a divination tool, that is, to tell one’s future. In the tarot guided sessions, I use these cards to get a better picture of what is happening with you. Often people will talk of the symptoms that they are experiencing however, I have found that the cards bring out a depth and clarity to the issue that may not be immediately apparent in the conversation with my client. I have found that the cards help to get to the crux of the issue quickly so that I can start working with the client on a solution early in the session.

Please note that I don’t use the cards to predict people’s futures. I believe everyone has the power to create the lives that they want. However, they first need to get a clear picture of their current situation and then develop clear steps that will move them in the direction that is right for them, and then to take those steps. My purpose is to help you with seeing your situation clearly and supporting you with creating and taking the actions that work for your own individual situation and desires.

Further references

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