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April 27, 2020
Julie Lee Intuitive Guidance
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June 25, 2020

Are you feeling anxious about the future and what lies ahead? With the appearance of the virus, life has taken a surprising turn and upset plans for a lot of people. However, the reality is that uncertainty has always been a part of our lives. We’ve never really been able to control our external world (as much as we might like to think we can in any case) and it can be scary to acknowledge this point especially when we have a set view of how we want our lives to be.


Like a lot of people, I had plans for this year as well which certainly didn’t include staying indoors for over two months. I had left Paris in February thinking that I would be returning again in May or June and continuing my life there but it seems that the universe/destiny had other plans for me. At first it was disconcerting to realise life had taken a twist that I hadn’t foreseen but slowly over time I came to accept the circumstances and created a new way of life and routine around it.


Although I’m happy that the situation seems to be improving, there have been many good things that have come as a result of it. Like many people, I’ve been able to take a rest from the constant demands of life and to focus on myself and to reflect. I focused on activities that were necessary and let go of the rest. I also spent time (both virtually and not) with people who I care about and maintained and strengthened these relationships.


Now that restrictions are coming off, life is returning to a different ‘normal’. What happens after this, no one really knows. There are a lot of people facing uncertainty around their jobs, their financial situation and in general, their next steps in life. It can be a scary place to be in especially when you have other people relying on you.


However, what I’ve come to realise is that the best thing that we can do is to take care of ourselves as best as we can in this present moment. To focus on maintaining balance and joy each day as much as we can. It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, sad etc. When dealing with a difficult situation, our survival instincts kick into place and we do what we need to in order to get through it. When this happens, it’s important also to give space to emotions and feelings as well. Doing so allows them to pass and gives us a clearer perspective of our circumstances and whether there is something that needs to be done or not.


What I’ve also noticed and recognised is how adaptable we are as humans. We may not like or enjoy something but we are able to adapt to different circumstances very quickly. Knowing that the future is uncertain (and has always been) whilst also knowing our great ability to adapt means that we can let go of having to worry about the future. It’s normal for anxieties and fears to come up but if we can acknowledge them whilst at the same time remembering our ability to handle any situation that comes up, then the need to hold on tightly to control lessens.


Another aspect that helps me is that I believe there’s a plan for each and every one of us. Not necessarily that our whole life is fated to turn out a certain way but rather we each have a purpose and reason to be here and that we are being helped and guided on this journey by whatever force gives order to the universe. The number of synchronicities that I have had over the years has strengthened my belief in this. A recent example, I had originally planned to leave Paris in the last week of March but late last year I decided to change my flights to a month earlier. There was no particular reason for it except that it felt like the right thing to do. If I had stuck to my original flights, I probably would still have been able to leave but there would have been a lot more complications and challenges.


When we listen to and follow our internal guidance system (our intuition), then we are always taken in the right direction. It may not make logical sense but there’ll be a reason for why we’re feeling something. The more we can tune into this and trust the messages that we are receiving then, the more we can let go of having to know how the future will turn out.


So in summary, if you’re feeling fearful and anxious about the future, here are some things to remember:

  • Give yourself permission to feel overwhelmed, angry, frustrated or whatever emotions may be coming up for you. Write it out, talk to someone you trust or find another way (that doesn’t hurt another) of expressing them;
  • Remember that you are adaptable and can handle anything that comes your way. Look back at your life and pick out some challenging times. Remind yourself how you handled it and that you will be able to again handle any situations that come your way;
  • Listen to your inner voice/guidance/intuition. It’ll probably be that first instinct, gut feel or nudge to do something. It’s one of the greatest gifts that we have and the more that you listen and start to trust in it, the less that you will need to worry about what’s happening in the outer world as you can trust that you will always be guided at the perfect moment.


I hope that this helps you to feel more at ease and to let go of worrying about the future. If you would like some further materials to help you on your journey, below are some links to some other blog posts written along similiar themes:







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