This 25-minute session will provide you with guidance on understanding the blessings and growth opportunities that your spiritual team want to share with you. Depending on the situation or question that you bring to the session, we will start with either the tarot or an oracle deck of your choice. The reading will then incorporate a mix of the clairs (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance & clairaudience) as well as channelling to reveal the messages that you need to hear.

Please note that I do not provide predictive readings. The aim is to provide you with empowering guidance to enable you to move forward on your path with ease.

  • If you find this session beneficial, then I recommend booking my intuitive guidance packages. This will enable you to connect with your own inner guidance and to really put in practise and master the tools that I will share through these sessions. The goal is for you to develop deep trust in yourself and to be your own guru.

    I will be happy to provide a 10% discount if you decide to take this option to help you on your path.

  • This session is valued at AU$65 and will be carried out via skype.
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