As a child I had always been sensitive to others and their emotions. I didn’t realise at the time that I was empathic and able to feel and sense other people’s emotions and energies. In addition, my intuition and ability to know things was strong but due to familial and societal expectations, these skills were pushed aside as they weren’t considered valuable.

I was taught that our logical, practical sides were more important and prized than our emotional and imaginative selves. As a result, I ended up focusing on studying towards a career that would satisfy my parents and eventually working in jobs that would earn me a good salary and way of life. I could completely understand why my parents encouraged me down that path due to the suffering they experienced growing up in a poor country however with time I realised this wasn’t the life for me.

In my late teens, my emotions wouldn’t be kept hidden any longer and I went through a challenging period of having to face up to them. Although difficult at the time, it was the beginning of a long but rewarding journey of getting to know and understand myself better. I also started becoming interested in different metaphysical aspects of life looking into astrology, numerology, crystals, reiki etc which really helped to hone my intuition and other sensing abilities.

Eventually I decided to complete a coaching diploma in 2008 which really helped me to gain an understanding of certain approaches to help people move forward in their lives. However, after some time I decided that I wanted to take a more holistic approach to helping people and to focus on the root causes of the issues clients were experiencing using the intuitive skills that I have as well as the variety of tools that I had learnt along the way. This became the birth of my intuitive guidance sessions.

In these sessions, my goal is to help you identify the underlying root cause of the situation that you are experiencing and to support and guide you towards finding a solution that works for you as a unique individual. I hope that you will see me as a good friend accompanying you on your journey who only has your best interests at heart and who will help you to create a life that aligns with your true desires.

My qualifications include:

  • Reiki practitioner (2006)
  • Diploma in personal coaching/executive coaching (2008)
  • Tarot training (2012)
  • TFT practitioner (2013)
  • Channelling training (advanced) (2013)
  • Crystal healing practitioner (2014)
  • Astrology / numerology (several courses completed since 2002)

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